SPN Plus Industry Company Limited

Manufacturer and distributor of low bed semi-trailers Equipped with an efficient production factory


Meet the needs of customers

We produce trailers or low-bed semi-trailers to meet the needs of customers according to usage.


Has standard quality

We design and produce with the quality and standards that customers receive in mind.

About us

SPN Plus Industry Company Limited

Body and trailer shop — Build truck bodies and trailers. With the quality that customers order again, click to see the work to make a decision. Along with expert experience and service, quality materials are trusted by leading customers such as

Low bed trailer 3 axles
Low bed trailer 6 axles

Products and services

Providing repair and construction services for ten-wheel chassis and trailers. Trailers, production of trailers and semi-trailers, Chonburi, Nong Khang Khok Subdistrict.

Our work

SPN Plus Industry Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of low bed semi-trailers.